Friday, March 19, 2010


I havent blogged in so long! its amazing how time flys by...I have started new job working as a caregiver at the same retirment home i have worked at for almost 3 years. I decided i needed to start blogging again after i saw one of my favorite residents pass away this week. Old love is so much cuter than young love. This couple had been married for 75 years. I cant imagine being with someone this long. They loved eachother more than anything in the world. I witnessed the most precious thing i have ever seen, He had been in bed for the past 5 days asleep dying peaceful. He had been laying in bed breathing with his eyes closed and his mouth wide , he hadnt moved in 5 days, i was in there talking to him holding his hand, when his wife walked in. she was having a veryhrd time believing her husband was dying. Finally this day she had faith that she was going to be okay, she told him to go be with heavenly father on the other side and she would be right behing him, she told him she loved him and she wanted him to feel better, she leaned her face down to kiss him he closed his mouth and puckered his lips for the first time in a week, he opened his eyes also looked at her, then he passed away...i was standing in the room. I l0ve my job because of this. it may be hard for some people but i think its amazing. i have been taught my whole life that we will all be together again and i know that she will be with her husband. I love old people. old love is so beautiful. i use to think young love was cute but i cant wait to find the man i will spend the rest of my life with.